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Effect: Code:
99 lives, 500 lines, 500 grenades, 500 mines: Play good enough to enter the Hiscore and enter your name as "BLUESMOBIL".


Effekt: Code:
Unlimited energy: Lade oder "Reset" das Spiel. Tippe dann folgende BASIC Zeilen ein bevor Sie das Programm starten.
Poke 16347,189
Unlimited lives: Poke 15985,96
Unlimited time: Poke 2991,173

Maps from the levels

Goto the "X" (show Map) and get the bonusblock. Then goto the end of the left platform. Now press the Joystick up and left until you are on platform one. If you jump to early then you fall in the waterfall. Caution! If you jump from platform 10 to 11 then jump not to high because it can cost your four Extra-Lives.